Where we
make it

Proudly Australian, we have two sites in Somersby, NSW: Maker Headquarters and Maker Hub. Both sites have been designed and built to offer a streamlined production process so that space, time and efficiencies are gained. Maker Hub is the first stage of making your product, where all the preparation work happens, whereas Maker HQ is where your product will be manufactured, filled and dispatched from.


Making premium quality products. Our pilot batch tank tests the robustness of a formula during scale up of a lab batch. Our plastic and metal tube filling machines and 6-head filling lines for jars and bottles offer capabilities for different sizes. And our veterinary sterile suite has the capacity to fill injectable vials and pillow packs.


We know small companies and start-ups are the backbone to small business in Australia, and we’re proud to partner with you on your journey from inception to product launch. We understand your business is personal, with a lot riding on its success, so it’s reassuring to know you can test and confirm your formulation, make a small batch and scale up only when the numbers demand it.


If it can be made fast, or needs to be suddenly scaled up, we can make it happen. When you understand supply chain challenges and production lead times, it’s easier to respond to market trends. Working closely with our clients, foreseeing restrictions, providing solutions and responding appropriately helps get products to market. Whether it’s switching over lines, doubling output, scheduling extra shifts, or recruiting more staff, we recognise the need to respond and adapt to make things happen quickly.


Our ability to change and adapt, to review and re-invent is what makes Delta’s reputation so good. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs. Whether it’s an unusual product idea, finding efficiencies, improving the formulation or manufacturing process, or a new way of reporting, we are open to every new idea and collaboration to make the process a success. Flexibility is a core value at Delta, it’s a big part of our approach and who we are. From the hours we work to the way we think, we believe in making things better, always.

Better knowledge makes better products

Delta offers years of expertise and decades of experience. As one of the nation’s leading contract manufacturers our knowledge of raw materials, formulations, packaging, and processes is second-to-none. Knowledge creates efficiencies and delivers results. And with knowledge comes expertise. The type of expertise that has us accredited by the TGA, APVMA and ACO; and allows us to hold licences to manufacture therapeutic and cosmetic products for the nation's leading brands. Made to the highest standards.

Made with the right licences

We are TGA licenced, which allows us to make registered and listed liquids and semi-solids. This means we can make sunscreens, skin, body, hair and oral products, as well as those that make a claim. We also make pet grooming products. Our APVMA licence allows us to make sterile and non-sterile products for the veterinary industry.